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In the Studio with: Louis Lewinson

Coventry is bursting with creative artists and the dance scene can’t go unnoticed. The ESMEDIA team met with choreographer, dancer, model and all around great guy, Louis Lewinson, for an EXCLUSIVE interview to talk all things dance, life motivations and modelling career.

“[T]ake everything as a blessing because one way or another you’ll either learn from something or succeed from it.” - Louis Lewinson

Louis Lewinson by Sophie Allsop for ESMEDIA

Growing up in Coventry, Louis found his passion for dance after having watched the hit US film ‘You got Served’, teaching himself to dance by mimicking the moves as he watched them on screen. Little did the 13-year-old Louis know that in just years to come he would soon make a name for himself in and around the Coventry and Warwickshire area. Now hosting dance workshops in cities across the UK and modelling for well-known brands in the local area, Louis has found himself making a career out of something he is passionate about and loves doing.

Motivating others by living through Drake’s well-known lyrics, ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’, Louis told us how the ‘trials and tribulations’ he has faced in his life have led him to where he is today.

(Photography by Sophie Allsop for ESMEDIA)

Louis shared with us, that as a child, he would wonder why he didn’t own the same materialistic items as others, he soon realised that in order to get something you long to have, you have to work for it - and he longed for the ability to escape the troubles of everyday life, to feel free and it was his new-found love for dancing which opened the door to this freedom.

As the founder of ‘Dance Con’- an interactive competition offering aspiring young dancers the opportunity to learn from and dance alongside Louis in a showcase of his original choreography, Louis prides himself on being a role model for teenagers. He told us:

“I want to be someone I needed when I was younger.”

The popularity of his classes grew and he found himself thrown into high demand, not only in Coventry but nationwide, leading him to take his workshops on the road, beginning his first UK tour in October 2017. Travelling from Edinburgh to Brighton, and everywhere in-between, opening workshops for those looking to explore their passion for dance and needing an escape from everyday life.

Louis Lewinson by Esmé Spurling

Since then, Dance Con vol.1, which launched in June 2018, followed by vol.2, have attracted hundreds of hopeful contestants competing to feature in the final showcase of Louis’ choreography. His enthusiasm for teaching dance shines through, as he spoke passionately about his projects working with young people, he commented, “I only get nervous because I don’t want to let anyone down.”

While speaking to Louis he radiated confidence and optimism. As a teacher, he directs his attention to getting to know the people he mentors, helping them achieve their personal goals as opposed to simply teaching a cool dance, “[…] Just to get 100 likes on Instagram because there’s no validity in that ..."

"... [On social media] you sometimes get this feeling that you want to be like someone else but I'd loose my individuality and try to be someone that Im not - that is the last thing that I want to do! ” – Louis Lewinson

It is possibly this humbleness that has aided his success and popularity. As we discussed his presence on social media (Instagram in particular) Louis explained how he believes Instagram to be one of the most toxic platforms because of the taboo surrounding the idea of posting things which advertise an unrealistic reality. ‘[Y]ou shouldn’t believe everything you see online because I’m the furthest from confident guy’ admitted 23-year-old Louis, demonstrating that he too is victim to the powers of Instagram.

It is no secret that today’s teenage generation are glued to social media and attached to their mobile devices, Louis’ workshops are actively moving young people’s attention from their games consoles to gaining valuable skills. Not only do his workshops distract our teens from trolls and traumas online but they contribute to building healthy social lives and encourage young people to be active whilst working together as a team to create collaborative dance routines like ‘Dance Con’.

Much like Diversity’s Ashley Banjo who is humble in following the ‘[N]ever forget who you are and where you come from,’ moral in life, Louis is down to earth and modest about his various achievements. Taking an active role as a member of the City of Culture 2021 committee for Coventry and representing the city by speaking on BBC radio in the run up to the bid, we’ve decided that Louis is a pretty big deal- even if he refuses to promote himself as such. His plans for the future involve setting off on another tour possibly venturing to Europe, and to continue to work with local brands.

Look out for Louis’ future projects coming up on his socials @LouisLewinson. He really has left the ESMEDIA team stunned by his charming manner and contagious positivity - he’s definitely our #MCM for the foreseeable future!

Louis Lewinson by Esmé Spurling

written by Louise Evans

edited by Esmé Spurling

videographer: Mukitul Islam

photography: Sophie Allsop

BTS photography: Sophie Nugent

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