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Spring/ Summer 2018: Fashion & Beauty Press Launch

On Monday 11th March, a different kind of event took place in Coventry city centre for the local Press and social media influencers.

Fashion and beauty brands pitched up into the Old Grammar School in Coventry City Centre, setting up racks of their new seasonal offers and trends ready for local influencers to take a sneak peek. The space buzzed with excited chatter and exclusivity; the night’s events were sure to be great- all thanks to City of Culture BID team and Coventry Bloggers.

Event organisers Cara Pickering and Emily Harrison told us:

“It’s an important time for the city to grow in the run up to 2021, and we want see more people shopping in Coventry, going out to bars and clubs … [Tonight] we’ve invited local bloggers and influencers to get their name out there, and to help us promote the amazing stores like 'Milk' that people didn’t even realise were in Coventry.”

Video credit: Mukitul Islam videographer for ESMEDIA

Coventry’s fashion scene was represented by big and small names alike; independent vintage store Milk’s clothes rail was bursting with one-of-a-kind statement pieces, whilst Topshop’s new season boasted instant trends. Whilst both brands thrived off the largely student demographic in the city, their styles were polar opposites- Milk’s sweatshirts and t-shirts were relaxed and timeless compared to the high-street giant’s tailored pistachio suits and it-bags. Both saw the event as a chance to network and show off their statement pieces to the perfect audience.

M&S photo by Esmé Spurling

M&S - another brand going for the student market - took us through their new collection that kept everyone in mind:

“Sometimes people don’t realise that we do have stuff for the younger customer… we want people to see what we have to offer!”

Their statement pieces seemed to suit both older and younger generations, and expertly walk the line timeless and trendy.

Other high-street giant Debenhams shared why they thought the event was so important:

“I think at the moment the high-street has had quite bad press, and everything you hear is negative- but there’s still some great things happening… [this] event is a great way to showcase our great products and reach out to customers.”

Alike to M&S they also seemed to be showing off a chic new season filled with modern workwear pieces for a variety of age groups.

Designer store Chameleon boasted a range of high-end labelled pieces, from Gucci to Tommy Hilfiger on their racks. “Everybody likes to head to Birmingham, but we’ve got a lot to offer for the city!” Opposite their collection, plus-sized store Yours proved their point in another way- catering for all different body types, sizes and ages:

“We want to get out there what we really are… and because we have so many different styles, cuts, fits etc. we can cater for all!”

In a smaller- but by no means quieter- room next-door, beauty brands gathered to offer makeovers, manicures, and other treatments to excited bloggers. Dior told us they hope there are more events like this in the future to get people into Coventry and “put it on the map”.

The team behind the event are hoping for more to come soon; Trish Willits told us they’re looking to organise “a sneak peak at what’s coming out for the Autumn/ Winter collections before they’re out on the shelves!”

written by Katie Robinson

edited by Esmé Spurling

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