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The Pale White w/ Candid & Future Fires

A night out on a Monday is not usually so popular, but when the incredibly talented, Newcastle based Alternative Indie band- The Pale White decided to play at Coventry’s hotspot for musical events- The Tin Music and Arts, dedicated fans showed up to beat those Monday blues and mosh to The Pale White’s electrically charged numbers.

Future Fires photographed by Esmé Spurling

The ambience and the acoustics of the venue set the pace for an intimate event; the perfect backdrop for Alternative Indie Rock fans to gather and celebrate their common love for great music. The supporting artists for the night- Birmingham based band, Future Fires and Coventry’s very own Candid were nothing short of exceptional as they set the bar high with their opening performances.

The Pale White photographed by Esmé Spurling

Future Fires are a four-piece rock band from Birmingham known for their stunning guitar riffs and snappy choruses. Their group dynamic was more than evident on-stage as Adam Norman (lead vocals and guitar) and John Bidder (guitar and vocals) showcased some serious vocal work with tracks like ‘Midnight Sky’ and ‘Far’. The band also played their latest single, titled ‘Running’, the chorus for the song was vivacious with drummer Alex Cowie showing off very strong percussion work.

Future Fires photographed by Esmé Spurling

As the night progressed, the second band to take the stage was Coventry’s up and coming Indie talents- Candid. The band started on a high note with fan-favourite track, ‘Rumours’. As always lead vocalist, Rob Latimer had a striking stage presence that captured the audience like no other. Tracks like ‘Time Will Tell’ and ‘Breathless’ had lead guitarist, Dan Latimer and bassist, Sam Baines belting out some mean guitar work with Ben Williams delivering on the drums. They also played their recent single titled, ‘Where Do We Go?’, the song is layered with amazing vocals and plays with shifting tempos and offers a wicked chorus.

Candid photographed by Esmé Spurling

The much-anticipated headliners of the evening, The Pale White had fans hopping to their electric, power-packed sound from the beginning to the end. The trio went on to perform their anthemic debut single titled ‘Reaction’, the song featured a memorable chorus with thumping percussion thanks to drummer, Jack Hope; perfect for a sing-along. Their young, contrasting sound makes a strong impression with their heated stage dynamic consuming the audience. Other hits like ‘Future is Mine’ and ‘Turn it Around’ featured some captivating vocals by lead vocalist and guitarist, Adam Hope as he put on an energetic performance. The band went out with a bang as bassist Tom Booth and drummer, Jack Hope worked up to an intense ending to the set.

The Pale White photographed by Esmé Spurling

It was a night of jam-packed music that saw great bands coming together to cater to a dedicated audience. Over time, Coventry has developed a very happening music scene providing talented artists a stage to showcase their exceptional work and we at ESMEDIA hope to witness more of such events that celebrates the sound of Coventry.

Candid photographed by Esmé Spurling

Written by Mehreen Yousaf

Photography and editing by Esmé Spurling

For an exclusive review of “Where Do We Go?” by Candid click here

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