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The Wave Hits Coventry

For All your Adventure, Health and Lifestyle Needs

ESMEDIA recently had the opportunity to photograph The Wave: an exhilarating, new water park, opening its doors to the residents of Coventry. We got to meet with David Moverley, the Complex Manager at The Wave, to learn more about the various amenities and exciting features for visitors to look forward to.

The Wave opened Phase 1 of its launch on Monday 22nd July, which includes the new Health and Fitness Suite and the Mana Spa featuring the heat experience area and the 25-meter pool.

Photography : @EsmeSpurling

Members of the public are now welcome to experience the luxury spa treatments available at the Mana Spa to relax and unwind, right in the heart of Coventry city centre. The Spa offers a variety of affordable treatments in three exquisitely designed rooms ranging from the Sunrise Experience to the Hen Party Package. The spa experience is complete with access to the 25-meter pool and the Heat Experience area consisting of the Aromatic Room, Herbal Steam Room and Sauna. Additionally, you can also book splendid foot spa treatments to ease those tense muscles!

The ‘Lifestyles’ Health and Fitness Suite hosts over 120 stations facilitated with the latest fitness technologies, allowing you to set up a personal account to keep track of your progress every time you workout, or simply kick back and stream entertaining content whilst using the machines.

The fitness suite also houses a dedicated Spin Studio and exercise studio, where 50 exciting classes will be held every week. And if that hasn’t got your heart racing already, theres and additional 2 Squash courts, the extremely competitive and fast-moving sport can help you get in some cardio as you will be running, leaping and diving for the ball! After an intense workout or spa session you can also purchase delicious meals anytime of the day at the now open café – all under one roof of The Wave. When asked about the focus placed on the Health and Fitness aspect at the center, David Moverley said:

‘We as a company are looking to promote healthy living and being a center-based facility everyone can come and visit, there are a lot of gyms where they are located in the outskirts.’

The Wave is located in such a central location placing it right at the hub of all activity and making it easily accessible to all residents of the city. The other unique factor to highlight is that it is the only water park in the country where the rides are not situated on the bottom floor. The eccentric, round building, with a steadfast foundation, houses its water park on the first floor. The second phase of the launch will allow the public to try out the water park facilities, which includes the six rides at different fright levels for the adrenaline junkie.

These rides are the most anticipated attraction of The Wave, and according to David Moverley his favorite ride is the Torrent - a drop slide, where you are placed in a capsule and released on a 20-meter drop!

On the bottom level of the water park is the Splash Pool for the toddler’s experience complete with interactive features and mini slides, then there is the curved 25-meter wave pool which is another big attraction. The plus side to the whole experience is that there is something for everyone, families, students - a wide variety of activities to choose from.

As a university based city, The Wave is sure to be popular hotspot for our students here in Coventry -

‘We are looking at organizing student nights in the water park and working towards more involvement with the university’, said David Moverley.

The facility is aiming at all Coventry residents to make the best use of the Centre with a capacity to hold up to 600 people in the water park.

The Wave is part of a new stream of cultural and social installations taking over Coventry as we close in on 2021.

We at ESMEDIA can’t wait for the second phase of The Wave of the launch later this summer and hope to see new, innovative facilities, such as The Wave, providing the residents of the city fun activities to engage in, in Coventry!

Written by Mehreen Yousaf

Edited and Photography by Esmé Spurling

For all media enquiries please contact:

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