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‘Where do we go?’ - Candid’s first release of 2019 PLUS exclusive interview with the band

Coventry based, indie band Candid are set to release their newest single ‘Where Do We Go?’ at the beginning of February. The foursome, made up of brothers Dan and Rob Latimer, Sam Baines and Ben Williams, formed the band during secondary school, unbeknown of their future successes. Previous releases include titles such as ‘Breathless’, ‘Moving On’ and ‘Lay Me Down’.

Behind the scenes exclusive interview with Candid, photo cred: Sophie Allsop for ESMEDIA

Candid exploded onto the scene performing at venues in Coventry like Kasbah, where they were the supporting act for Scouting for Girls in October 2018. The band have played at the University’s SU, Square One, for Live Loud’s ‘Fresher’s Fest’ in September 2018 and as headliners in November 2018, the attracted 350+ fans to the event, founded by Dan Connolly. Connolly spoke highly of Candid, expressing how they ‘fit the bill perfectly’ for LiveLoud headliners, as up and coming artists looking to perform their indie sound to a wider audience.

Following the LiveLoud gigs, the band’s fanbase has blown up since they first formed in 2016 with 582 monthly listeners on Spotify, the boys have made quite the impression on the people of Coventry.

credit: Sophie Allsop for ESMEDIA

The ESMEDIA team had the chance to interview the boys prior to their gig with LiveLoud on 24th November 2018. We discussed all things Godiva Festival, Catfish and the Bottlemen and a potential mini tour. The boys radiated a sense of confidence even before sitting down with them, their passion for playing music was evident from the start of soundcheck, the setup of their merch stall, right the way through to the end of the gig. When asked how they felt about being compared to Catfish and the Bottlemen, lead singer Rob explained that they were keen to form their own sound. In our interview, Rob mentioned how they’re eager to play further afield, breaking the Coventry borders.

Their newest single is a contemporary rock tune, which can be compared to the sound of The Hunna and Bloxx. The song was written at the beginning of Candid’s journey, prior to their newer singles ‘Breathless’ and ‘Time Will Tell’ the aim of working on the song for an extended period was to work on giving the audience the ‘big hitting chorus’ that would grab their attention. We believe the wait was well worth it!

The song explores the idea of being an ‘inbetweener’, being at an age where you begin to lose your way and are seeking something to guide you. Rob told us how the song was originally called ‘17’, an age he believes is the perfect example of that awkward age- ‘not being old enough to go out, not quite an adult, but being expected to make life changing decisions such as career paths’. The song delves into a mental state of a blossoming teenager who is demotivated and pessimistic, struggling to build trust with everyone and anyone. Its deep narrative explains why the band decided to take extra care and time working to perfect the song.

photo cred: Sophie Nugent for ESMEDIA

If they thought 2018 was a good year, 2019 is looking even bigger for our favourite foursome, with the release of their newest single ‘Where do We Go?’. As one of the band’s most-loved tracks it will ‘get the release it deserves’ says lead singer Rob. It appears as if the boys will be non-stop in the coming months so an album is not on the cards just yet, instead their aim for 2019 is to focus on creating unique, quality material and continuing to build their fanbase not only in Coventry but across the West Midlands and beyond.

Look out for Candid’s newest release on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music and check out their socials @CandidCov.

behind the scenes of filming interviews at Live Loud's event ft Free Galaxy and Esmé Spurling

written by Louise Evans edited by Esmé Spurling

video produced by Mukitul Islam

special thanks to LiveLoud.

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