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Wanderlust: Srbija 2015

Wanderlust: "the feeling or sense for adventure and travel"



  1. a strong desire to travel.

    “a man consumed by wanderlust”*

During March - September 2015, I acitvely engaged with the opportunity to visit, volunteer and work within Serbia.

Originating from a research trip to uncover the truth of the impact of media within a society that was effectively "Starting from Zero", the heart of the Balkans called me to return for two invaluable experiences. 

These videos showcase the professional relationships I developed within Serbia, from the University of Belgrade: Political Sciences Faculty to Pančevo Film Fesitval [PAFF], (August 2015), that have now ultimately become valued international friendships.

These opportunities would not have been possible without the support and recognition of creative and multi-disciplinary space of Mikser House. Invited back after first meeting in March 2015, for the 7th Mikser Festival in Savamala, the largest creative arts fesitval hosted within the Balkans. Click Here to find out more.

During August - September 2015, I was selected to represent GB in Interdoc Film Documentary Masterclass, alongside colleagues from over 20 nationalities over the world.

This page is dedicated to the collaborative experience of travel, adventure and arts that were experienced during 2015 in Serbia. 

“We do not doubt that the answers will come to the surface over some time” 

Mikser Festival [2015]

“Documentary film represents truth reality.


"[E]very movie is like a manipulation with sound and photography in order to get some affect.

"In the twentieth century we are seeing the biggest form of documentary [...]

"[T]hey will be changing history in the eyes of the public.”

Interdoc Masterclass 

Dragan Elćić [2015]

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